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Opportunity Beyond Today's Unsettling Whirlwind of Change

Things change. People change. Times change. And the world of work is changing drastically along with everything else. Everyday we are powering through unprecedented global uncertainty and economic volatility, so it may seem challenging to think and plan beyond the drama of today's society. However, I implore you to journey with me into the near future and consider how we can lay claim to great opportunities beyond today's unsettling whirlwind of change. Here are my thoughts on preparing for success in the future:
  1. Identify and Commit to Learning a New Skill That Includes Earning a New Credential: Those with in-demand future skills will command the highest rewards and compensation. Don't assume your skills today will help you pay the bills tomorrow. I advise taking on something future-driven and technical, like becoming a Blockchain Developer. In fact, to help get you started, here's an article on 8 FREE Courses to Learn Blockchain Development in 2023 (click the hyperlinked text once you're done reading this article).
  2. Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life: Taking risks and effectively navigating change takes energy, confidence, and endurance. In this marathon of life, and in careers that last for decades, going the distance is easier when you're healthy. I know I know, it's easier said than done. But, count me in on this one as well - I'm committed to getting into the best shape of my life right now, because I know that will translate to future success. Let's go in on this together!
  3. Embrace Crypto and Blockchain Technology, Despite its Growing Pains: Understand that blockchain is much bigger than crypto tokens or FTX. Take Lane Axis for instance - Lane Axis is a company that I invested in through the Start Engine platform a few years ago. It's network technology stack leverages load-level, core data on the blockchain to predict and prevent problems before they happen. And that's just one of a plethora of examples. Explore the space and don't be afraid to take calculated, reasonable risks. I think I heard an Ex-#NFL Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by the name of Bruce Arians say it best - "No Risk It, No Biscuit!" (but Win or Lose, we booze baby!)
  4. Get You Some Equity That Pays Dividends: Might as well put the money you work to earn to good use. And even when you're no longer working for a company (or never worked there in the first place), you'll still earn some sort of income from the successful business operations of companies that continue to stand the test of time. Don't allow a paycheck from your job to be your ONLY source of cash flow. Establishing multiple streams of income enables you to be more patient between gigs, and stronger in your negotiating positions.
  5. Become Super-Efficient at Remote Work and Productivity: According to Accenture, 83% of the global workforce identified a hybrid workplace as ideal back in 2021. Despite the many demands to "return to the office" going around, remote and hybrid work are here to stay. Might as well gear up for ergonomics, sustainable productivity, and a remote work environment optimized for virtual meetings.

To wrap it up, let's step it up in all the above ways, so that we can step successfully into the future together. Things change. Times change. The world of work is changing. Therefore, it's time for us to change. Let's just be sure we change for the better.