Who We Are & What We're About

Welcome to fortiphi, the best way to empower yourself for consistent success in a world of volatility. We've created a great place for people seeking career change and experiencing transition to stay encouraged and access transformative solutions on their journey to what's next.

We have a 3-phase approach to what we do:

  • GRIT: our first purpose is to motivate and inspire you, activating a fortiphi'd mentality, courage, and renewed or enhanced focus - this is the root intention behind our product designs and offerings
  • GRIND: our second goal is to provide solutions that empower you on your career and life journey - this includes our books, professional resume writing services, on-demand career coaching, and courses
  • GROW: our third yet greatest priority is to facilitate opportunities for success - we do this by way of our carefully cultivated Talent Solutions Network

We want YOU to be confident in YOU. That's why our mantra is: Be Resilient - Endure - Conquer!