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Welcome to FORTIPHI - the best way to empower yourself for consistent success in a world of volatility. We're a digital media and e-commerce company offering tools like ebooks, products like motivational tee shirts, and services like career coaching to help you endure your journey, build resilience, and conquer any obstacles on your path to reaching your goals and succeeding in life. We want YOU to be confident in YOU, and everything we do reflects that mission.


Lex doesn't start this book with fluff or work around the ideas like a lot of books of this type do. He gets right to the heart of the matter and coaches the reader through proper steps to take charge of your life in transition and to Grit, Grind, Grow!

Jeff Hendrickson

This guide is good for a breadth of transitioning population groups. It provides advice for making thew most of your money time and effort while pursuing a career path. The down to earth advice of how and what you face after taking off the Nation's Uniform hits home and it as true as it gets.

Great quick read and gleamed a few nuggets of crucial info to share for myself and a few friends. I whole-heartily recommend this as a start point for your transition!

Kent A.D. Clark

Assuming you are passionate about success, you will come away from this book with a strong eagerness to get out put the teachings to practice. The tips are spot on. I really liked learning about all of the options and various avenues you might pursue. There are many in here I was not familiar with. Thanks Lex!

Todd B.

Lex Brown delivers a short yet fulfilling read that drives you to look out from your own situation and apply the simple advice he offers to start skilling yourself up as you get energized to branch into a new career (or improve where you are now). The style is direct and readable and his no-nonsense approach really convicted me to enjoy the journey and reap the rewards of the hard work when the time comes for it. It does not disappoint...

Daniel Macsay

Lex is an extremely intelligent and articulate man who exudes integrity and strength. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing his transparent and credible presentation at a men’s retreat. Within him, I discern a unique ability to clothe harsh realities in truth and compassion—making them palatable. Also, I’ve witnessed his triumph over heart-wrenching adversity with grace, and tremendous resiliency. If you desire to partner with someone of vision, business acumen, and integrity, Lex is your man.

Maurice Arnold